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Consignment  & Sale Policy
I feel that it is important for prospective buyers to understand Mikell Farm's policies prior to purchase. Over the years we have had, as every horse person has, good and bad experiences in buying and selling horses both personally and for clients. With this in mind we have adopted the following policies in regards to our sales program.

1. Mikell Farm does NOT do trial periods of any type.

2. No Deposits - We will not hold a horse for any reason.

3. We do not pay commissions.

4. Payment Forms - Cash is preferred, we will NOT accept personal checks. We also can take Pay Pal (Friends & Family) or credit cards via Square , but will apply a 4% surcharge for this option to cover fees.

5. Horses must be paid for at the time of purchase, not the time of pick up or delivery. If payment is not made the horse is not considered sold.

6. All horses for sale at Mikell Farm have had their core vaccines updated - EWV, Flu Tetanus, Rhino. They will also have a current coggins, worming, recent farrier and dental work as needed. 

7. All Vet examinations, if desired, will be done at Mikell Farm. No exceptions. This protects both the buyer, seller and owner of the horse. Full payment is needed to hold the horse until the vet examination can be performed. Purchase price is refundable only upon failure of a vet's examination. Mikell Farm will require a written report from the vet if a horse fails the check including x-rays prior to refund. Failure to pass flexion tests is not considered a failed vet check. Mikell Farm has a list of vets in the area that will perform vet checks at our farm. All exams must be performed within 5 days .

We are more that willing to work with you in purchasing your new horse, and feel that being upfront about our practices will help to make your purchase a good one. I hope that this has given you some insight into our reasoning behind our policies, and why we do things like we do. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

We look forward to helping you find JUST THE RIGHT HORSE!!!!
Mikell Farm's Consignment service offers you as the seller a hassle free experience.  

1. Mikell Farm takes care of all photos, videos and needed advertising media. 

2. We do all advertising of your horse - websites, social media, trainer contacts etc.

3. We handle all communication and appointments with prospective buyers

4. We keep your horse in full training while at Mikell Farm.

5. We take care of all contracts and payments, and just hand you a check when the sale is complete. 

6. Mikell Farm has an adjustable commission rate depending on the sale price of the horse and if you are paying board. 

7. Seller is responsible for providing the following for any horse coming into Mikell Farm:

    a. Vaccination records, current coggins, all medical records.
    b. Training background on the horse including and vices or issues.
    c. Sheets or blankets (seasonal)
    d. All registration papers and transfers.
    e. Any past x-rays or PPE information.

We look forward to helping your horse find JUST THE RIGHT PERSON!!!!
Sale Horse Policy
Consignment Horse Policy