We would like to congratulate the following horses on their new owners!
Thank you  to you for helping making Mikell Farm successful.

Ima Go Lucky Dude - AQHA
Poco Chestnut Smokie - APHA

The Lopin Version -  AQHA

SDCC Sixes Heels -  AQHA
Tucker - Paint
Lilly - TB
Majorly Addicted -  AQHA
Almost Midnight
Mandy - Welsh/QH
EZ Buttercup - APHA
Conchos Special Run- APHA
TMS Peps Dominoe  - APHA
MFV Tailwind Jack - AQHA
Zippos Brassy Star - AQHA
Vested Passer - APHA
Black Oleander - AQHA
CC Plain Cowboy Loot - APHA
Mischiefs Finale - APHA
A Classic Rip - APHA
Aj's Little Rascal - APHA
An American Dot - APHA
Mr. Showboat AQHA
Kiss A Texan - AQHA
Jessies Misty Show - AQHA
MSF Whata Showoff - APHA
Hesa Sharp Turn  - 2000 AQHA
To Sheeza Pretty Penny - APHA
Addicting Impulse - AQHA
Skippin N Splashin - QH
Skips Money Deluxe -AQHA
BV Hot N Deluxe - 4 yo AQHA
Invitation In Lace -  APHA
Hand Me The Chex - AQHA
A Lucky Zippo Asset -  AQHA
Nickys Hot Chocolate - 2005 AQHA
Analyze That - AQHA
Crome Legacy - AQHA/ABRA
MF Chocolate Kisses - QH
MF Lets Get Rocked - AQHA
Might Be Tempted - AQHA
Hollywood Gold - QH Pony
Kanzi Zippo Chip - AQHA
Proud Royality - AQHA
Casper - AQHA
Skippin The Invite - APHA
Ghost - POA
More Meyham - TB
Jessies Girl - QH
Guccis Only Invite - AQHA
MF Obviously Rockin - AQHA
Slow Motion Promotion - AQHA
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