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Kelley & Mike Livelsberger
435 E Canal Road York, PA 17404   
Our History
Mikell Farm was estabilshed in 1995 with the purchase of our farm.   Prior to that time Kelley had been teaching/training freelance at other farms or peoples homes.   After opening for lessons in the spring of 1996 things just took off. 

We stongly believe that the early years in horsemanship are the most important and strive to offer the best lesson horses in the area and keep our rates competitive so that riders have the opportunity to start their riding careers on the right foot.  We largely cater to 4-H and open show riders.  Over the years we have had students go on to compete at the rated shows including zone finals and breed shows. 

In 2005 Kelley decided to concentrate on getting back into the show ring and to have a small show oriented lesson program.  To suppport this goal, we began to purchase a few horses a year to train up and re-sell into pleasure or show homes. 

Showing heavily in the last few years has earned us many achivemements!

2008 - Competitive show season with Jessies Misty Show
2009 - Nonpro Western Reserve Year End Champion - Hesa Sharp Turn
2009 - NonPro English Reserve Year End Champion - Hesa Sharp Turn
2009 - Nonpro Versitility Reserve Year End Champion - Hesa Sharp Turn
2010 - Open Western Year End Champion - Skips Money Deluxe
2010 - Open English Year End Champion - Skips Money Deluxe
2011 - Open Adult Reserve Champion - Crome Legacy
2012 - Open Western Champion Crome Legacy
2012 - Hi-Point Rider of The Year WGRC - Crome Legacy
2013 - Open Western Champion  - MF Lets Get Rocked
2013 - Open Western Champion  - Might Be Tempted
2013 - Reserve Champion Open Versatility - Might Be Tempted
2014 - Series Reserve Champion Open Western  - Dynamic In Old Gold
2015 - Open Western Reserve Champion  - CML Hes Two Faced
2015  - Open Adult Champion - CMLHes Two Faced
2018 - Open Western Champion - The Jazz Asset

In 2015 We again had a major change here at Mikell Farm with the addition of Kelley's mother coming to live with us.  She is now 90 and has Parkinson's.  With Audrey here and the amount of care that she needs we decided to scale up our sales program and slow down a bit with lessons and showing.  Mom loves to come up and watch lessons during the summer in her wheelchair! She is still a pretty good critic and loves watching the kids ride!

It's hard to believe that 2019 marks our 24th year!  Our lesson program is stronger than ever with both showing and non showing students of all ages.

At Mikell farm we offer for sale perfomance horses for both the western and english rider.  If you are looking for something specific please let us know and we will help you find your new partner.   We work with people around the country to find the type of horse that that we would like to own, to offer for sale to you at reasonable prices in todays economy.  We feel strongly that the  "All Around Horse"  that can wear many hats will suit many riders.  We LOVE horses that can show all day from showmanship, english & western and go trail riding during the week.

Many of the horses that we have sold have gone on to have excellent show careers at the open shows, breed shows and 4-H.  A few are pont earners in both AQHA and APHA, district and state 4-H winners, pony club, and  hunter shows. Others have become wonderful trail horses and part of the family.

We sell horses all over the east coast and Canada.  Please see our feedback page for comments from past buyes.

Keep us in mind for your next horse, we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Kelley & Mike

Mikell Farm   Performance Horses